Luke A. Wylie

BSc. (Biotechnology), Bsc. (Honours in Chemistry)

Luke Wylie obtained his Bachelor’s degree with a double major in biochemistry and chemistry. He completed his Honour’s degree in 2016 and achieved the Top Student Award with a score of 90. His honour’s project focused on understanding the interactions and reactivity of ionic liquids with carbon-based radicals.

On completion of his Honour’s degree, Luke was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarship to investigate the impact of ionic liquids on radicals under the supervision of A/Prof Katya Pas. His current PhD project entails studying the feasibility of using ionic liquids in combination with radicals as organic radical batteries. He has had previous collaborations with Dr Amber Hancock of Bennington College and Prof Masahiro Yoshizawa-Fujita of Sophia University, Japan. In 2018, Luke was awarded the Science-Engineering PhD Mobility Scheme to Waseda University to analyse nitroxide radical electrodes in ionic liquids with Prof Hiroyuki Nishide and Prof Kenichi Oyaizu.


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